Plus Size Men’s Shirts

When it comes to shopping for clothes, finding the right size is one of the greatest struggles. More often than not, finding clothes that fit just right is a shopper’s nightmare. If you’re a bit too healthy, this struggle becomes that much more challenging.

In simple words, it is no secret that we come in all shapes and sizes. Some can fit perfectly in between the bar of ‘S-XL’ while some of us might require XXL or XXXL. Sometimes, an XL shirt in a certain brand turns up so tight that it is borderline ridiculous. Now, we are not saying that you are ‘fat’ and that is why you find it difficult to find yourself a proper size. Rather, in the clothing market, an average brand takes a rudimentary approach to offering sizes for their clothes. For example, most brands have fixed measurements from sizes S-XL. This doesn’t seem fair especially considering the fact that by biological diversity, we come in all shapes and sizes, be it too big, too small, round, narrow and so on. Also, if one does not fit into these brands’ sizes, you are labelled ‘too fat’ by the society.

Most brands refer to their fit model and start measuring their sizes from there. For example, the average size ‘M’ has a chest size of about 39-40 inches. Now, an ‘L’ would be 41-42 inches. And, it continues. Since its profitable business brands are after, they do not take into account the diversity that comes with being human.

Fortunately, its 2021 and the world is no more hushed about clothing brands setting definitions of ‘fat’ in the society. No longer will some off the block, pre-determined and rudimentary sizes will be tolerated. Also, adding or subtracting a few inches off a shirt is not the way it works.

Chermas Plus Size Shirts

At Chermas, we have redefined plus-size wear exactly like you imagined. We understand the difference between fit and size to design a pair of clothing that accounts for all kinds of subtle changes that your body needs. We give you plus-size clothing not because you’re oversized or fat but just biologically unique, since, in essence, that’s what we all are.

Being a major player in the fashion industry, we consider it our duty to adapt to changing trends in the clothing industry rapidly. For the spirit of body positivity and changing times, we offer sizes of up to ‘6XL’ in almost all of our ‘Men’s Shirts’. We are all for embracing size diversity and advocates of plus size clothing that fits all men.

While making positive strides in the commercial clothing market, adding ‘plus size’ options in our portfolio allows us to offer more personalization and customization which in turn allows us to connect with our customers on a different level. In the near future, we are expecting to see a lot happening in the commercial clothing industry with peers following suit. At Chermas, clothing is not just about flaunting your fashion but also feeling comfortable in what you wear.

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